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Jackson 62 Washington CH 55 OT … a final

Jackson 62
Washington CH 55 OT … a final

… got my first look at the Jackson Ironmen Friday night vs the Blue Lions of Washington CH – I wasn’t disappointed – an excellent basketball game … 2 very good basketball teams … for Court House , Coach Scott has the Blue Lions believing in themselves as a basketball team – coming off a big win over his mentor Coach Huffer & the Cavs of Chillicothe Tuesday night , the Lions were taking on their 2nd top 8 team in less than a week vs the Jackson Ironmen … for the Ironmen of Coach Morrow trying to put down the upstart Lions & hold serve at home to get to 4-1 for the young season … the game opened ALL Lions, specifically ALL Blue Lions Dillon Stewart – quick off the dribble, deadly from beyond the arc, stifling defender (doing my best Oscar from the movie Armageddon – “so yur’ saying pretty much an all around special player …” … Stewart made the Ironmen pay dearly in playing the 2-3 zone vs the quicker Lions … Stewart LED the Jackson team 13-11 after the first quarter … the BL team in the 1st had doubled up on the I’town boys 18-9 with a 3 pointer from Evan Upthegrove – at one point in the first and the beginning for the 2nd the Blue Lions (Stewart/Upthegrove) drilled 5 straight triples (Stewart 4/Upthgrove 1) with Blaise Tayese doing what he did to Chilli Tuesday night – got to the rim – for a 2 pointer… the Ironmen kept in contact with their outstanding offense trio – Cooper Donaldson/Caleb Wallis & big man Treylan DavisWashington 18 Jackson 11 after 1 … if you watch “good” basketball & “good” basketball teams playing in “good” basketball games you will see the “little” adjustments made by coaches DURING the gameĀ 


Pfloyd’s Elite of Southern/SouthEast Ohio – Week#.5

Pfloyd’s Elite of Southern/SouthEast Ohio – Week#.5

… I usually wait to put out the first edition of the Elite 8 until after the first full week of games BUT as I was recording scores & game results the majority of the teams Below the Lancaster-Dixon Line played this past weekend ! as the Pre-season picks are a good starting point for the rankings there ARE teams who are lower than they should be, teams which are higher than they should be … it usually takes a couple of weeks to get teams where they should be in the rankings … I feel pretty good about the pre-season rankings though as some game results solidified the team rankings ie. Chesapeake#16 beat #15 Piketon by one … Eastern Brown#13 beat #20 Whiteoak … New Boston #28 lost a close one to #29 South Webster AT South Webster … then the surprises #66 Lucasville Valley knocked off #34 Adena , #72 Rock Hill smoked #54 Wellston … it’s early in the season with lots of hoops to be played …

… let’s look at the first Official Elite 8 after Week #.5

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