A Saturday for this referee. I will leave my house at 4:10 arrive at a designated pick up place to meet one of my partners. Proceed to drive to another pick up place to meet our third official for tonight’s game. Let’s say both teams undefeated 4-0 early in the season. My partners are from Wheelersburg and Hillsboro and I’m coming from Stout. We will arrive like we do 99% of the time at a packed house tonight at approximately 6:00 P.M. My drive is the shortest of the three @ 1 hour and 35 minutes one way. We will watch the first half of the JV game and then head to get dressed to do the best job in the world. We will try to be consistent on both ends of the floor, hustle to where we are supposed to be, use proper mechanics all while facing adversity from fans on both sides. Comments: three seconds, walk, over the back, call it both ways, reaching in, he is pushing, illegal screen, watch the elbows and many more! Some which I won’t put down because of /)&$;@&)-. One team will win and the other will suffer their first loss. We will head back to where we changed l,to shower and get dressed. We will drive back to all of our homes arriving approximately 11:15-12:15 for $70 each. Is it about the money we receive? You all answer that and I believe most of you wil say ,NO. For Love of The Game!!!!! Approximately 7 hours of work—-Priceless.

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