Peebles 69 Trimble 50 a final


Peebles 69Win

By Pfloyd

Photo’s by Kent Sanborn

Peebles 69
Trimble 50 a final

Trimble starting lineup : 5-8, 5-8, 5-9, 6-0, 5-7 vs Peebles starting lineup: 6-2, 5-9, 6-2, 5-11, 5-10 off the bench 6-3,6-4, 6-5, 5-9

… every game on paper yesterday looked to be a great game for the fans BUT when you take a closer look at the “matchups” THAT is where the games are decided … Peebles has gotten better and better every time out, they started the season as a deep team which can play 9-10 each game, Coach Arey is as good as any in developing TEAM at both ends of the floor – I told Coach Arey after the game last night that I from the Cheap Seats saw an improved Peebles TEAM even from last weekends win vs New Boston … the Indians vs NB played an almost flawless first quarter/part of the 2nd to take what looked like control over the Tigers in that only to have NB battle back to within 1 point … yesterday vs Trimble the Indians looked to have taken last weeks experience and played UP a notch … Peebles seemed to get everyone going in the first quarter – totaling 18 points led by Hunter Ruckel’s 7 / Westin Browning 4, a triple from Oakly Burba, and deuce each from Gage Crothers/Alex Camp … the admitted size advantage was in favor of Peebles …

the Indians held the Tomcats to 8 points in the quarter – Blake Guffey with 4 … Peebles 18 Trimble 8 end of 1 … the 2nd quarter was played fairly even as Trimble got some triples to fall – 1 each by Brayden Weber/Kyle Kennedy/Blake Guffey … Peebles used their size to get into the paint for 8 fgs in box in the quarter from TEAM – Ruckel 4 pts(11 for the half)/ Alex Camp 4 more/Easton Wesley 4 points / PG Weston Browning 2/Kyle Lightner 2 … Peebles 35 Trimble 23 at the half … Coach Arey has always made outstanding adjustments at the half , vs Trimble no different , the Indians came out after the half, turned up the D, turned Trimble over 5 times putting up 25 points in the quarter while holding THS to just 9 points … Peebles had effectively taken away what Trimble likes/wants to do – get into the paint/get to the rim … Trimble CAN shoot the 3 ball, they can’t live by the 3 … when I watched Trimble vs Fed Hock the Tomcats got the ball into the paint for 24 fgs vs Peebles the Trimble was only able to put up 14 fgs in the paint … Peebles 60 Trimble 32 after 3 … if you know anything about Trimble sports it’s that their is NO quit in their coach – Howie Caldwell or the kids no matter the sport at Trimble … unlike what I saw in a later game, these kids never quit, they had been bloodied but never threw in the towel … as Trimble won the final quarter 18-9 … guarded the ball right up to the final buzzer down 29 points … Peebles 69 Trimble 50 a final …

Pfloyd’s official UN-official Napkin Stats – Trimble

Scoring … Blake Guffey 19, Brayden Weber 16, Tyler Weber 6, Kyle Kennedy 4, Cam Kittle 4, Austin Wisor 2, Tucker Dixon 1
3 pointers …. 4/14 … Brayden Weber 2, Kyle Kennedy 1, Blake Guffey 1
FTs ……. 8/13
TOs ….. 12
PnP ….. 14fgs/28 points in the paint
PnT ….. 0
Pbk …. 3 fg/ 6 points on putback buckets

Pfloyd’s official UN-official Napkin Stats – Peebles

Scoring ….Hunter Ruckel 21, Weston Browning 13, Alex Camp 12, Oakley Burba 7, Dawson Mills 6, Easton Wesley 6, Kyle Lightner 2, Gage Crothers 2
3 pointers … 6/11 … Dawson Mills 2, Hunter Ruckel 2, Oakley Burba 1, Alex Camp 1
FTs …. 7/10
TOs …. 12
PnP … 20 fgs/40 points in the paint
PnT … 6 fgs/ 12 points in transition
Pbk … 2 fgs/ 4 points on putback buckets

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Hunter Ruckel210000
Weston Browning130000
Alex Camp120000
Oakley Burba70000
Dawson Mills60000
Easton Westley50000
Kyle Lightner20000
Gage Crothers20000


3Brayden Weber160000
12Austin Wisor20000
14Kyle Kennedy40000
15Cameron Kittle40000
40Blake Guffey190000




Date Time League Season
January 11, 2020 4:00 pm SEO 2019-20

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