Oak Hill 53 Coal Grove 27


Oak Hill53Win
Coal Grove27Loss

By Pfloyd

Photos by Kent Sanborn

This one was imo the weakest game of the day NOT due to the opponents BUT the fact that Coal Grove entered this one with 4 of their first 7 players injured … EVEN with MY little mind if you play a Coach Persin TEAM you better come with ALL of your weapons, Coach Vanderhoof simply didn’t have the arsenal available to go against a very good Oak Hill TEAM … it didn’t mean the Coach ‘hoof’s troops were phoning it in – the played hard but with some players having very little varsity experience …

CG was led by senior

Evan Gannon
Current Team
Coal Grove
2018-19, 2019-20
Evan Gannon’s 17 points for the game (15 by halftime) … on the other side of the court – Oak Hill …

Head Coach Coach Persin

Current Team
Oak Hill
Past Teams
¬† Coach Persin with 757+ W’s … an Oaks TEAM which plays fundamentally sound hoops at both ends of the floor … outstanding D …

AND last but not least 6-4 “man in the middle” Chase Hammond …

Chase Hammond
Current Team
Oak Hill
All Time Stat Leaders, SEO, SOC2
2018-19, 2019-20
CH is as strong a post player as you will find, probably inch for inch the BEST post player I have seen this season … strong, stronger, strongest physically AND not the least of importance is Coach Persin “teaches/has taught” Chase Hammond HOW TO PLAY in the post position – getting position/hand positions to receive the pass from the perimeter/ the footwork of a post player/ the knowledge as to how to get the defender out of position & seal him off … at the same time Coach Persin TEACHERS his perimeter people “how to feed the post !” it always amazes me at the size some teams have in the post but can’t take advantage because the players – in the post or the perimeter players – have not been taught how to play their positions to take advantage of the “physical advantage” they have … Chase Hammond is outstanding … he doesn’t TRY to do MORE than what the defender gives him, but he works to make himself available on the blocks … when he gets the ball – advantage Hammond – 26 points 8/9 from the FT line … Hammond 26 CG 29 a final … Oak Hill 53 Coal Grove 29 a final …

Pfloyd’s official UN-official Napkin Stats – Coal Grove

Scoring … Evan Gannon 17, Peyton Smith 5, Perry Kingery 2, Luke Ferguson 2, Maliachi Wheeler 2, Jarren Hicks 1
3 Pointers … 2/9 … Evan Gannon 2
FTs ….. 3/8
TOs ….. 15
PnP … 8 fgs/16 points in the paint
PnT … 0
Pbck … 2 fgs/4 points on putbacks

Pfloyd’s official UN-official Napkin Stats – Oak Hill

Scoring … Chase Hammond 26, Drew Hanning 12, Braylin Howell 5, Landon Hines 3, Luke Stewart 3, Keaton Porter 2, Noah Donley 2
3 Pointers … 4/16 … Drew Hanning 2, Braylon Howell 1, Landon Hines 1
FTs ……… 10/11
TOs …… 7
PnP ….. 14 fgs/28 points in the paint
PnT ….. 1fg /2 points in transition
Pbck …. 1 fg/ 2 points on putback buckets

… saw some described Oak Hill as boring … I personally smile the entire game when watching teams that are fundamentally sound teams – Oak Hill … players who have been taught the basics of the game – the triple threat position, simple chest passes, bounce passes … I watch Oak Hill – the goal is perfection in the half court – movement without the ball, making the pass the first option vs the dribble … defense that emphasizes footwork, putting a body on the offensive player, keeping offensive players on the opposition from getting to the spots on the floor that they want to get to, disrupting the flow of the opposing offense … not sure how anyone can argue against Coach Persin being a “legend” court side with 757+ wins to his credit … if you coach/teach fundamentals to every single player from your best to the last man on the bench you will be a good TEAM, when that same philosophy is applied year in year out – the years when the physical talents of your players are outstanding to go along with the fundamentals THEN you have ELITE TEAMS …


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Oak Hill

3Keaton Potter20000
10Drew Hanning120000
11Landon Hines30000
21Noah Donley20000
24Chase Hammond260000
Braylin Howell50000
15Luke Stewart30000

Coal Grove

1Perry Kingery20000
3Evan Gannon170000
5Peyton Smith50000
12Luke Ferguson20000
14Maliachi Wheeler20000
23Jarren Hicks10000




Date Time League Season
January 11, 2020 12:00 pm SEO 2019-20

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