Chillicothe 78 Adena 44 a final …



Adena 44 Chillicothe 78 a final

… My first “eyes on” either the Cavs or Warriors – Coach Huffer’s boyz are my #1 for a reason – they will put the 2 best players on the court whenever they play a team from Southeast Ohio this season – Brandon Noel/Jayvon Maughmer … the duo combined for 38 points without playing out the 4th period … Adena is a well coached/balanced offensive team – as different players scored just not nearly enough … tough to be in the game with the Cavs while you turn the ball over 24 times which the Cavs quickly turned into 24 points in the transition game … the closest thing to this one being “a game” was the first quarter which the Cavs led at the end 13-11 but as I look at the napkin stats the first qtr. had the “script” for the rest of the game – with the CAVS simply turning the “volume” up to Spinal Tap Volume at 11 : the Cavs turned Adena over 5 times in the quarter/ Cavs “D” was in the pockets of the Warrior players – cue up Vincent Roper/Kamron Smith / Brandon Noel 4 points on the blocks (6 in the quarter) / Cavs had 2 buckets off of steals in transition … Adena stayed within 2 by knocking down 2 triples (Cade McKee/Brandon Smith each 1 trey in the quarter) … going into the 2nd period Adena continued to play a balanced game – knocking down 2 triples (Logan Bennett/Preston Sykes) a couple 2 point buckets from Dillon McDonald enter the Cavalier “D” – CHS forced 6 more turnovers 4 transition buckets …Adena put up 13 points in the period but Brandon Noel 11 points on his ball for the quarter to match the Warriors O … add in 4 points each from Smith/Roper both in transition/fastbreak offensive plays …

Cavs 36 Adena 24 at intermission … a side bar … with the quickness on D that the Cavs have at ALL positions the Cavs seemed to be in front by 2-3 possessions 4-6 points … the D turns a team over a couple trips down … you look at the board and CHS is now up 12-15 points – excellent D that puts a lot of pressure on the perimeter – Roper/Smith/Maughmer/Noel/Beard – you can’t relax on any of them or the ball is going the other way … the 3rd saw more of the same only we saw MORE of the same 5 AHS turnovers , the Cavs D shut down Adena for the first 2 minutes before the Warriors scored in the 3rd in the meantime Jayvon Maughmer made his presence felt as he added an open court transition slam as part of a Cavs 9-0 run in that 2 minute segment… 5 Cavs buckets in transition for the quarter/ 2 Maughmer transition dunks …Chilli outscored Adena 20-8 in the quarter game set and match as the Warriors would not reach the 56 total at the end of 3 by the Cavs … Cavs 56 Adena 32 after 3 … for good measure Coach Huffer put in subs midway through the 4th … Joel Barnes knocked down 2 treys/ Eli Taylor added 2 triples of his own both hitting for 8 points each in the 4th off the bench … for the Warriors Logan Bennett (8 pts in the quarter) and Preston Sykes (1 three ball in the final period) closed out the scoring for AHS …

Chillicothe 78 Adena 44 a final …

… Pfloyd’s official UN-official Napkin Stats – Adena

Scoring …Logan Bennett 13, Cade McKee 9, Preston Sykes 8, Dillon McDonalds 6, Brandon Smith 3, Nate Throckmorton 2, Jarrett Garrison/Jacob Shipley/ Brandon Cheesebrow 1 each
3 Pointers … 6/21 … Logan Bennett 2, Preston Sykes 2, Cade McKee 1, Brandon Smith 1
FTs … 4/11
TOs … 24
PnP …… 11 fgs/22 points in the paint
PnT ….. 0
PBck ….. 2 fgs/ 4 points on putback buckets

… Pfloyd’s official UN-official Napkin Stats – Chillicothe

Scoring … Brandon Noel 25, Jayvon Maughmer 13, Vincent Roper 11, Joel Barnes 8, Eli Taylor 8, Tre Beard 7, Kamron Smith 6
3 Pointers …. 5/12 …. Joel Barnes 2, Eli Taylor 2, Tre Beard 1
FTs …….. 9/10
TOs ……. 9
PnP …… 26 fgs/ 52 points in the paint
PnT …… 12 fgs / 24 points in transition
PBck ….. 2 fgs/ 4 points on putback buckets

… 78 points in a game some would describe as “not a clean” game by the Cavs … “in your hip pocket D” … when Noel gets the ball on the blocks – it’s 2 ( so much improved over last season imo – his footwork outstanding, gets his body squared to the hoop/very few off-balance shots) … Noel plays the entire floor – offensively and defensively – a BIG with ALL of the intangibles that make him a “next level” player … Roper last season was not a factor offensively – this season he’s a double-digit scorer (he gets to the rim AND more importantly he creates offense from his D – he’s a keeper) … AND I haven’t even said anything about Tre Beard and Jayvon Maughmer !!! – both are as we already know outstanding at both ends – Maughmer is a long 6-5 …his length gets his hands on the ball defensively – steals/tipped passes – and he finishes at the rim … Tre B IS now 5-9, 5-10 ! he is a deadly spot-up shooter from the perimeter ( picked up 2 player control fouls that sat him the biggest part of the first and part of the 2nd quarters) … the Cavs ARE my #1 … a BIG matchup for the Cavs will be 12/28 vs Zane Trace … a must see game in SEOhio for sure …

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2Cam Smith63111
3Tre Beard74310
11Vincent Roper115281
21Joel Barnes80110
24Brandon Noel254110
32Jayvon Maughmer139363
35Eli Taylor80230


2Nate Throckmorton22200
3Dillon McDonald61100
4Jarrett Garrison10000
10Branam Cheesebrew10000
11Logan Bennett135101
12Preston Sykes84400
23Brandon Smith30000
24Cade McKee94000
30Jacob Shipley13000




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December 9, 2019 7:30 pm SEO 2019-20

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