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New Boston 63
South Webster 60 a final

The best matchup and what ended up the best game I saw this past week of Basketball :30 … New Boston vs South Webster D4 District Semi at the Convo …the 2 teams played a triple overtime thriller in the regular season that the Jeeps won 63-61 … Sunday afternoon at the Round House both teams were at full strength which showed as both teams opened the game on fire – as all of the “pieces” showed up in the scorebook : the Tigers were led by 6-7 Tyler Caldwell’s 11 points on 3 triples and a deuce … off the bench Marcus Saunders added 6 points, PG Jerome McKinley 4 pts & the big man in the middle Kyle Sexton chipped in 2 pts … on the South Webster side of the scoreboard the marque post player for the Jeeps Shiloah Blevins led the SWHS scoring with 8 pts, Tanner Voiers 6, Brayden Bockway 3, & Jacob Ruth added 3 … the 2 teams combined for what has been in the D2/D3 games 3 quarter scores ! New Boston 23 South Webster 20 end of 1 … the So Webster defense tightened in the 2nd as the Jeeps only allowed the Tiger offense to put up 3 fgs on the napkin stat sheet – Tyler Caldwell added 4 pts in the quarter (what proved to be his final points of the game – all in the first half of action … So Webster brought in Andrew Smith off the bench the junior throw in 2 triples as the Jeeps went 3/5 from downtown in the second …Blevins had 2 putbacks buckets for 12 points in the half (ironically the 4 points in the 2nd qtr were the big man’s last 4 points of the game) … South Webster went into intermission with a 4 points lead South Webster 37 New Boston 34 at the half … turnabout is fair play as NB was able to pressure the Jeeps perimeter shooters – SW went 1/6 from behind the arc as Smith added his 3rd triple in 3 quarters with the only other points coming from Trae Zimmerman’s 2 and 4 points from Tanner Voiers … New Boston got points from role players a big time 3 ball from Marcus Sexton, a quarter ending transition bucket from Jerome McKinley … New Boston 46 South Webster 46 end of 3 … the 4th quarter was as tight as it gets with the Jeeps putting up fgs – 5 points each from Voiers/Smith (each with a deep trey) along with buckets by Zimmerman/Bockway … the Tigers of Coach Cox countered from the line going 13/14 from the line with their only fgs from Saunders/Grady Jackson … 6:04 in the 4th the Jeeps were up 49-47 … NB by the 2:14 on the clock had taken the lead 55-54 … the Jeeps continued to put NB on the FT line – the Tiger to a man were clutch down the stretch … Kyle Sexton was a perfect 6/6 … Jackson 2/2, Saunders 2/2, McKinley 3/4 … :40.1 New Boston 59-56 … :13.1 NB 61-58 … Brayden Voiers took the ball to the hole for two 61-60 Tigers … 2 FTs ended the scoring and the game … New Boston 63 South Webster 60 a final …

Pfloyd’s Official “unofficial” Napkin Stats – South Webster

Scoring … Tanner Voiers 18, Andrew Smith 14, Shiloah Blevins 12, Brayden Bockway 7, Trae Zimmerman 6, Jacob Ruth 3
3 Pointers … 7/20 … Andrew Smith 4, Tanner Voiers 2, Brayden Bockway 1
FTs … 3/4
TOs …. 8
PnP …. 14 fgs/28 points in the paint
PnT ….. 3 fgs/6 points in transition

Pfloyd’s Official “unofficial” Napkin Stats – New Boston

Scoring … Marcus Saunders 17, Tyler Caldwell 15, Kyle Sexton 13, Jerome McKinley 12, Grady Jackson 6
3 Pointers … 5/12 … Tyler Caldwell 3, Kyle Sexton 1, Marcus Saunders 1
FTs …… 16/18
TOs ….. 10
PnP …. 13 fgs/26 points in the paint
PnT …. 1 fg/ 2 points in transition

… 2 outstanding TEAMS going at it for 32 minutes … 2 TEAMS attacking the rim offensively for 32 minutes … 23 points by New Boston in the first/20 points by South Webster in the 1st … I leafed back thru the scoring from the D3, D2 games : Valley 9/Wheelersburg 9/Chesapeake 7/Adena 10/Warren 11/Sheridan 19/FU 15/Athens 5/ZT 13/Court House 9/Waverly 6/Jackson 9/Ironton 4/West Union 13/North Adams 6/Alexander 18 … New Boston & South Webster played the most exciting quarter for fans in 4 days of games … good to see basketball played well, players who were not intimidated by the moment, the atmosphere, Lou … being at/playing in Basketball :30 … congratulations to Coach Cox, the Tigers of New Boston … best of luck vs Trimble in the District Finals Thursday night !!!

South Webster

# Player Class PTS REB AST STL BLK
Tanner Voiers-180000
5Andrew Smith-140000
4Shiloah Blevins-120000
12Brayden Bockway-70000
Trae Zimmerman-60000
Jacob Ruth-30000
Gabe Ruth-00000
Levi Murphy-00000
Tanner Vaiecs-00000
Dawson Yeach-00000
Braden Martin-00000
1Samuel Holstein-00000
 Total 600000


# Player Class PTS REB AST STL BLK
Marcus Saunders-170000
Tyler Caldwell-150000
Kyle Sexton-130000
Jerome McKinley-120000
Grady Jackson-60000
 Total 630000



Date Time League Season
March 3, 2019 2:00 pm D4 2019 Tournament 2018-19

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