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Warren vs Dover

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Warren vs Chillicothe

Chillicothe 62
Warren 40 a final

¬†Chilli IS the best team in SEO¬†… the trio of Tre Beard/Jayvon Maughmer/Brandon Noel put up 59 of the 62 points – simply outstanding tonight – I’ll put up a game rundown tomorrow – just don’t have time tonight … Coach Huffer didn’t make the trip to the WarriorDome due to illness BUT Coach Beard filled in nicely … great , no – OUTSTANDING Chilli D … after finishing the first half leading 24-19 the Cavs took over in the 3rd and put this one out of reach – Maughmer 8 points and a dunk in the 3rd/Noel 9 points & 2 dunks in the 3rd/ Beard 5 points & a trey in the 3rd … 46-31 Cavs after 3 game, set and match … the three amigos put on a D1 recruit clinic – strong in the paint, 3 dunks in the quarter, defense/defense and more defense … a fun TEAM to watch … told Coach Beard after the game that I was available to negotiate his NEW contract with tonight’s W in tow – Coach Beard – one of truly good guys courtside whether at the 2 spot OR as tonight in the leadoff position …

… I watched Chillicothe , the trio of Tre Beard/Jayvon Maughmer/Brandon Noel, dominate two games this week – drubbing Logan 65-42 @ Logan, dominating in the last quarter & a half Warren @ the WarriorDome 62-40 … each game had the same scenario’s “next level” Defense by the Cavs, “next level” offense by Beard/Maughmer/Noel , “next level” strength/size/quickness by the Cav Trio … ALL leading to the same end – Cavs W’s over SEOhio teams that does nothing but solidify Chillicothe being firmly placed at the top of the Elite 8 rankings at #1 … was hoping for the 3rd round of Chillicothe vs SEOhio teams had THE game of the weekend been played Saturday night ! my #1 Chillicothe vs my #2 Jackson !! … both of these teams are playing as well as I have seen ANY teams playing this season ! … the flu got the “W” this weekend …

… Pfloyd’s official “UN-official” Napkin Stats – Warren Local

Scoring … Brandon Simoniette 11, Evan Byrd 6, Brayden Sallee 6, Joel Chevalier 4, Josh Welch 4, Isaac Colgrove 4, Dennis Pettey 3, Jake Bumgard 2
3 Pointers … 5/24 … Brandon Simoniette 2, Evan Byrd 2, Dennis Pettey 1
FTs ……. 9/10
TOs …… 17
PnP … 8 fgs/ 16 points in the paint
PnT …. 0
Pbck …. 2 fgs/ 4 points on putbacks

… the Warriors committed 8 TOs in the first quarter … 8 “empty” trips down court vs the #1 team in SEO AND STILL LED 10-7 after the 1st quarter ! can’t have empty trips vs the Cavs especially when CHS was missing everything offensively – 0/7 from behind the arc, both Maughmer and Noel showed nothing on the scoreboard , only Tre Beard the excellent PG for CHS scored in the first (7 points) … you had to know that the other 2 heads of the 3 headed offensive machine was going to get going especially being 6-8 (Noel) & 6-6 (Maughmer) – the game for Chilli was going to go inside the paint – as they did getting 21 fgs in the paint the final 3 qtrs of action … the Warriors had no answer offensively : outside (5/24 in 3 pointers) … only 8 fgs inside vs the Cavs 21 fgs inside) … a learning experience for the BBB! you learn something EVERY TIME you play the best – the Warriors played the best last night vs Chillicothe …

… Pfloyd’s official “UN-official” Napkin Stats – Chillicothe

Scoring …. Brandon Noel 24, Tre Beard 20, Jayvon Maughmer 15, Eli Taylor 2, Vincent Roper 1
3 Pointers … 3/17 … Tre Beard 3
FTs … 11/18
TOs …. 10
PnP …. 21 fgs/ 42 points in the paint
PnT …… 4 fgs/ 8 points in transition
Pbck …. 3 fgs/ 6 points on putback baskets
Dunks … 4 … Noel 3, Maughmer 1

… Coach Beard goes to 1-0 on the season … Cavs put together a great 2 game run on the road vs Logan the only other D1 team in SEOhio and @ Warren – annually one of the most difficult courts to play on in SEOhio to go with annually one of the most consistently good,quality programs/teams in SEOhio …

Opponents the last 2 games (Logan/Warren)

Points allowed : 41 ppg
3’s allowed : 4/19 pg
TOs forced : 18 pg
PnP allowed : 8 fgs/16 ppg
PnT allowed : 1 fg/2 points in transtion by the opponent per game
Pbk allowed : 1fg/2 points on putbacks per game

… get better soon Coach Huffer ! Coach Beard – pfloyd will be in Chillicothe to negotiate your new contract Monday morning LOL … pfloyd hopes he is available to catch the Jackson @ Chillicothe whenever it is rescheduled ! it WILL BE a dandy !!!

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