Trimble 49 South Gallia 42 a final

Trimble 49
South Gallia 42 a final

… Earlier in the week I decided that I would make a trip to Glouster tonight to see Coach Caldwell’s 10-2 Trimble Tomcats taking on the 11-5 South Gallia Rebels … both D4 schools … I had hoped to have gotten to see the Tomcats at the Beasts of the Southeast the 2nd week of January BUT Mother Nature didn’t allow either myself or the Tomcats to make the trip to Chesapeake … I wasn’t disappointed – good basketball game ! both teams showed how they got to double digit “W’s” on the season ! South Gallia relied on perimeter scoring (8/18 three points/8 fgs in the paint) while Howie’s troops are undersized, not a particularly good perimeter scoring teams (0/8 from behind the arc… only 1 fg made outside the paint for the game !) …the Tomcats are a true “Blue Collar” team … I was driving back from Glouster digesting the game I watched – the Tomcats are a TEAM that Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs would do a show on ! – 32 minutes of motion offense, picks along the baseline, on the wings, at the

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