SVC Preview by David Shoemaker

Although I’m not coaching this year I still have a pretty intense interest in Southern Ohio basketball, the Scioto Valley Conference in particular. With that in mind I thought I’d write my inaugural SVC Preview and Predictions blog. I have a fairly extensive knowledge of the teams, coaches and players so I think I can provide some unique insight you won’t find anywhere else. Hey, I coached in the league for 13-years and have been watching games for as long as I can remember.

With that in mind, I talked to all eight of the SVC’s coaches who gave me their opinion of their team along with predictions of how the SVC will finish in 2018-2019, top to bottom. Those individual opinions will remain anonymous of course. And yes, I coached at one of these schools but I believe I can give an unbiased look at what to expect. Keep in mind that, although all coaches communicated with me to an extent, some shared more than others. Such is the nature of the beast.

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